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August 16, 2016

by Shoshana Roberts

BOTTOM LINE: An edgy play about four modern high school females and their sex lives (...or lack thereof?).

Coming-of-age stories sure have come a long way in the past few decades. It used to be all sneaking out, kissing, and smoking cigarettes, but now it's a crazy concoction of nude selfies, using your foot to masturbate your friend, and smoking weed. Times have changed and Girls Will Be Girls by Jolie London Glickman clearly illustrates that fact.

PAPER Magazine named her one of the “Amazing Women to Follow on the Internet in 2016 (and Always),” and Mashable listed her in its “40 Times Ladies Ruled the World in 2015” issue; now Jolie London Glickman is making her New York debut as a playwright and performer. After years of searching for juicy, honest, and funny roles for young actresses, the NYU drama graduate has decided to write them herself. Girls Will Be Girls follows four New York teens as they stumble towards the brink of womanhood.

The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC), the largest multi-arts festival in New York, will present the 20th Anniversary Festival from August 12 - 28, 2016.


This year the festival will present programming by 194 of the world's best emerging theatre troupes and dance companies. Shows will be presented in 16 venues in downtown Manhattan. With attendance topping 75,000 people, FringeNYC is New York City's fifth largest event (just behind New York International Auto Show, Tribeca Film Festival, New York City Marathon, and New York Comic Con).

With Hillary Clinton as our country's first female Democratic presidential nominee, and increased awareness and outrage over issues like the gender wage gap and rape on college campuses, 2016 is shaping up to be a game-changing year for us ladies. So it's no wonder that the societal roles we play as women are being explored in a number of FringeNYC productions. Some sound hilarious, like a quartet of female clowns navigating a mysterious universe; others harrowing, including shows about violence against women, prostitution, and the struggles of motherhood. 

GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS, a new play written by first-time playwright Jolie London Glickman and helmed by award-winning director Shira-Lee Shalit, is making its WORLD PREMIERE as part of the 20th annual New York International Fringe Festival.

Turns out, high school boys aren't the only ones trying to get laid. Filthy, funny, and relentlessly honest, this provocative new play follows four New York teens as they stumble towards the brink of womanhood. Together they do their best to navigate their newfound sexuality, autonomy, and all that it means to grow up girl in the digital age. 

Written by and Jolie London Glickman, who appears in the production. Jolie tweets under the alias @princess_labia, where she promotes self-empowerment as well as works to destigmatize mental illness. PAPER Magazine included her in its “Amazing Women to Follow on the Internet in 2016 (and Always)” article and Mashable listed her in its “40 Times Ladies Ruled the World in 2015” issue. She created (and curates) #selfiearmy as well as last summer’s body-positive #thighreading.

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